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Mother Labs is the very essence of what we do. A culture of cultivation, growing, nurturing, plant fertility, cloning and reproduction, and birthing science. At the core of the brand, “mother” represents the elements of care that extend to all sectors of the business: social responsibility, community, connection to the earth, and family.

our facility is where
cannabis wants to be

Canada’s premium cannabis nursery, we grow clean cannabis in all stages for business and consumer. We naturally cut out inconsistent traits that deviate from perfection by selecting the very best genetics available today. 
For supreme cannabis cuttings and plants, let Mother help you.

micropropagation perfectionists

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We wield the power of biotechnology to weed out inconsistent elements that deviate from perfection, leaving our plants with the best genes in the pool. Using tissue culture micropropagation, superior elements of each plant stay and everything else goes. The outcome is the highest quality disease and pest-free plants that are more robust than your great-grandpa.


Mother plants are the source of defined DNA and desirable traits such as flavour, smell, size and other traits that are then multiplied through propagation.


Clones aka our weedlings are 6-10″ rooted cuttings taken from a mother plant that are ready to be transferred into any type of grow for their vegetation period.


Teenagers are
well-established, resilient plants, reaching heights of 10″ inches.

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