Strawberry Grail

Lineage: Straw Berry Diesel x Holy Grail Kush

Breeder: Cultivating Happiness

Flower Time: 63 Days

Plant Height: Medium Tall

THC/CBD: 24-27%

Terpenes: 2.0-3.0%


The mother of Strawberry Grail was a pheno of strawberry sour diesel that tasted like those 5cent strawberry marshmallow candies, a sweet artificial strawberry flavor. It made everyone’s eyes widen when tasting it for the first time. It was crossed with a reversed pheno of holy grail kush that was one of the loudest og smack you in the face plants Ive ever seen. The results of the hunt from the original seedstock, Strawberry Grail was named as such because it is a perfect 50/50 blend of its parents. All the old school diesel/kush you’ve been missing with a unique complex flavor to add a twist that makes it stand out against the new school strains. As its og lineage Strawberry Grail can be stretchy and branches may need support later in flower as its buds swell before harvest at 9-10 weeks.


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