mother labs mothership™

Mother Labs is located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada and has two main facilities. The nursery is located in a high density, newly built industrial building.

home is where the plants are

nursery capacity


Tissue Culture Units

Year One


Tissue Culture Units

Year Two


6″ Clones

Year One and Two


14″ Teenage Plants

Year One and Two

clean + green

Our Saskatchewan based facility has been intentionally built for sustainability. Using less energy, water, electricity and square footage, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint and increased our ability to do great things.

  • Industry leading L.E.D lighting throughout the entire facility,
  • Cutting edge tissue culture lab,
  • Expansive curated stock of diverse, high-end genetics,
  • Highly controlled environmental controls, paired with innovative environmental UV sterilization and HVAC systems.

Using sustainable energy sources, the facility is cost effective, productive, and smarter than a fifth grader. Designed for consistent and regulated growth through low-heat output of LED lighting, this efficient layout enables tighter crop placement and higher yields.

By applying the techniques that brought us success as food farmers, Mother Labs Inc. uses tissue culture micropropagation to harness exacting DNA through germplasm to clone cannabis. Using biotechnology to raise healthier plants, the outcome is genetically specific, high quality, clean plants that are more robust than a field of stallions (woah, burly).

why our facility is where
cannabis wants to be:

  • Purpose-built for the regulated and efficient growth of plant clones.
  • Energy conserving, sustainable, and environmentally friendly means happy workers, happy plants, and a happy harvest.
  • With an extensive inventory, we verify genetics and preserve consistency.
  • It’s a lockdown everyday. No pests or diseases as far as the eye can see. And in Saskatchewan, that’s pretty far.
  • An experience-proven logistics team working tirelessly to make a more innovative product.
  • Genetic storage and development for the preservation and security of genetic and stock.