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Browse our selection of premium, high-quality cannabis genetics to find your perfect match. Whether you’re seeking potent THC or a fast-flowering cultivar, mother’s line-up has you covered. 

Vanilla Ice

Bright greens show off frosty trichomes on this classic-looking cultivar. These flowers pack a funk that is upfront and true but melds into creamy citrus balanced out with lingering petrol funk. Vanil

Lilac Diesel

20-24% THC     4.62% TERPS

Gelato #49 – Acai Berry Gelato

24-27% THC     2.0-3.0% TERPS


Breeder symbiotic genetics Flavours candy, orange Flower time 55 days Lineage clementine x purple punch Plant height short Thc 18-21%


One of the shorter cultivars on our list T.M.A.C lends itself well to grows with height restrictions, It is easy to see why this one is such a keeper. Expect a radical change from a bright green folia