Not your average Mother

Who is Mother?

As plant propagation perfectionists with a penchant for bio-banking and phenotyping, Mother Labs Inc. is a community of farming experts and scientific geniuses in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan coming together to service the cannabis and hemp industry. A culture of cultivation, growing, nurturing and cloning is at the foundation of what we do, and we bring unique expertise to both tissue culture micropropagation and bioscience analytics. For disease and pest-free cannabis what name can you trust more than Mother?

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On the cusp of an emerging culture, Mother exists to harness the wonder of innovation to cultivate genetically perfect biomatter to provide clean, sustainable cannabis to Canada and the world.

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Mother strives to find social and technical solutions to grow better plants to supply a budding industry with sustainably grown, pest- & pathogen-free biomatter. Achieving better margins to produce more crop cycles per year, Mother maintains level canopies with predictable yields.

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The foundation of Mother rests on the groundwork of wonder + innovation, integrity + consistency, and sustainability + knowledge. These values infuse every area of work and product with the quality that comes from people who believe in what they do and love how it happens.

Mother’s Roots

Formally Ecobain Naturals, this small family of growers cultivated herbaceous greens from 2013-2018 in Saskatchewan in a facility founded on quality, sustainability, and efficiency. What made Ecobain Naturals a great launching pad for Mother? Here are the top five reasons:

  • One of North America’s most successful vertical farms
  • 90% water conservation over traditional growing methods
  • Efficient LED facility with a minimized carbon footprint
  • Zero use of harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Consistently packaged and shipped clean, living plants