lab services

Mother Labs Inc. offers technical solutions for high production requests. In our ergonomic facility built to develop, store and secure plant material supply, we guarantee the preservation of genetic lines and the securing of phenotype selections according to chosen varietals. With precise regulations and facility control, every variable is eliminated from growth to production to delivery.

Mother Labs offers many other services to help streamline your operations and gain better profit margins, we might even help you sleep at night.


  • We offer secure genetic storage for your most prized genetics, literally under lock and key.
  • We have back up energy service to ensure your genetics are safe, even when extreme weather strikes.
  • We allow clients to pull genetics at their discretion.
  • Mother Labs is able to harden off and grow out in any of your genetics into any of our three plant formats.


  • Mother Labs will clean up contaminated genetics through our Tissue Culture Lab.
  • Third party testing to ensure genetic cleanliness.
  • Receive rejuvenated genetics for pathogen-and-pest-free starts to your cultivation.
  • This services provides critical preventive genetic maintenance.


  • Mother Labs will offer comprehensive phenotyping services, helping cultivators select price winning cultivars (from our genetic offerings, or your own seed stock) that fit your individual needs.
  • Mother Labs offers comprehensive growing reports and plant analysis for all cultivars chosen.
  • Our team will grow, cure, and physically demo products prior to final cultivar selections in a relaxing, high end, professional environment.

international export of genetic material

  • Mother Labs can export tissue cultured germplasm to any legal market in the world
  • Mother Labs has a large selection of cultivars that are export ready to emerging legal markets
  • Our cultures can withstand long quarantine periods in cases where import laws require longer than regular delays with very high survival rates.
  • Very small shipping footprint.