Canada’s premium cannabis nursery, Mother Labs Inc. is a mean, clean growing machine, supplying live cannabis in all stages for the people. We’re in the business of combining innovative techniques with the power of bioscience to grow plants, store and develop genetics.

Micropropagation perfectionists


Mother Labs Inc. offers technical solutions for high production requests. In our ergonomic facility built to develop, store and secure plant material supply, we guarantee the preservation of genetic lines and the securing of phenotype selections according to chosen varietals. With precise regulations and facility control, every variable is eliminated from growth to production to delivery.

not like other mothers

Mother Labs Inc. specializes in the top services for the cannabis and hemp industry. We merge farming expertise with scientific innovation for the growth of clean, green cannabis plants with genetically precise traits for ultimate connoisseurs. We bring the best of both worlds, fusing science + wonder, because we’re cool like that. We’re not like other mothers.